What is digitalFIJI?


The digitalFIJI is the Fijian Government’s Digital Transformation Programme. This programme is also known as the Digital Government Transformation (DGT) Programme.

digitalFIJI is a 4-year programme to implement a number of government applications, enhance the overall ICT infrastructure and build and develop capacity in digital transformation in the government. The DIGITAL GOVERNMENT TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME is in line with the Fijian Government’s 5 year and 20-year National Development Plan (NDP) which calls for the steady improvement of the quality and accessibility of government services.

digitalFIJI is managed through a Programme Management Office (PMO) that leads the Fijian Government’s efforts to make more and better online services available to the Fijian people, establish the necessary governance structure for the digital transformation and ensure the long-term and sustainable impact of the digital transformation programme for every Fijian.

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Key Goals

One of the key goals of digitalFIJI is to make more key Government services available online and through mobile applications.

The slate of applications being developed are targeted at key government services that are changing Fijian lives for the better, improve the ease of access, providing 24.7 availability and giving Fijians unlimited accessibility through the country, and all over the world.

This effort will achieve the following:

Improved internal processes and efficiency, including faster approval processes and registration, and streamlined service delivery; Increased public confidence in government service delivery by providing seamless and efficient services that meet high international standards; and Catalysing Fiji’s transformation into a digital economy by building capacity and competency to navigate digital spaces.

Accompanying Development

The digitalFIJI programme aims to drive developments and improvements in the areas that will enable a strong and sustainable development of Fiji’s DIGITAL ECONOMY. This includes:

The development of robust IT infrastructure that supports a strong IT Solutions Framework.

Developing ICT capacity and building overall competence through a series of training programmes for civil servants; and

Engagement with the public to stimulate the development of a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable IT industry and community in Fiji.